When does a team win its first playoff game?

When does the first playoff-game tiebreaker occur?Answer: The second game of the round of 16.If the first game of a round-robin series does not result in a playoff round-fixture victory for either team, the game is considered a tiebreaker.This rule is applied to both conference semifinals and conference semis.If a […]

How to Use Quotation Marks

When I was in high school, I was a big fan of using punctuation marks to write words, like “I am so glad I did this.”However, I think this practice has a downside: When I use them to type, I end up having to type more words than I should, […]

What is quotation?

With its long, complex syllables and multiple uses, quotation is a staple in everyday speech.But for many, the use of quotation is complicated by its potential for confusion and abuse.This article looks at some of the ways in which quotation can be used and abused, and whether the use is […]