When to use quotation in a sentence

The quotes below should be used when quoting a word in a document, but they’re also good examples of when you should avoid quoting.They may not be the best examples, but for the most part they’ll get the job done.1.When to quote in a paragraph When you’re quoting something in […]

How to find quotes for any type of quote

I used to have a collection of quotes for a lot of different things.For example, I’d use “I have an IQ of 130,000,” “I’m not interested in dating anyone,” “It’s too late for a second date,” and “I love my wife.”I found these quotes on the internet and, when I […]

How to read quotations in English

Irish is a language that has an extremely rich tradition of quotation, often attributed to early poets.In this article, we’ll look at how to read the quotations in the Irish language and how to use them.1.Look for the word ‘quotation’.The word ‘quote’ is the first letter of the word quotation.If […]