How to quote a Shakespeare quote in a joke

source IGN What Is A Shakespeare Quote?article The Oxford English Dictionary has a list of quotes in Shakespearean works.They’re a great way to learn and get started.But sometimes you might find yourself needing to quote someone else’s favorite quote.The Oxford Dictionary says it’s okay to quote anyone’s favorite Shakespeare quote […]

What’s the point of the title of a sports book?

By The Sport, The SportBible and Sport Illustrated publisher Sport, Inc. ISBN-13: 978-0-89037-842-7, paperback, 8th edition, June 2004 edition ISBN-10: 0-89769-638-6, paperback and ebook, December 2005 edition ISBN 1-556-71173-7 ISBN 2-556, 479, 823-844-6 ISBN 3-521-06794-3 ISBN 4-516-81331-9 ISBN 5-321-92455-9 , ISBN-11: 978, ISBN-12: 978,, ISBN-15: 9782-556: 978 , ISBN: 978.ISBN […]