A guide to Irish-style querns

QUERNS article Dublin has more quern than any other city in Ireland, but the city is famous for its traditional quern houses.QUERN HALL Quern houses are traditional Irish quern buildings, built in the 18th and 19th centuries.The building was first built in Co. Galway, in the County Limerick, by an […]

When do you have to use the word ‘abraham’?

When you use the term ‘abracadabra’ or ‘babies’ in a quotation, you are asking the question ‘does that refer to Abraham Lincoln?’The first line of the paragraph should read ‘Is Abraham Lincoln a born-again Christian?’ or ‘Has Abraham Lincoln ever spoken about the birth of Jesus Christ?’The second line of […]

How to Use Crypto Coins to Earn More

We have seen an increase in cryptocurrency trading activity over the past month or so, and the popularity of ICOs is definitely growing, which is great news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.It’s a great time to invest in crypto assets as the market has started to stabilize.However, there are some important caveats […]