How to write a perfect quote

What is a perfect quotation?Is it really a perfect piece of writing?Does it convey the truth?It’s a question that will haunt me for a lifetime, but I’m still a sucker for an honest, original, honest answer. It’s a quote that can inspire a new and passionate way of thinking about anything. But […]

Why you can’t be quoted by someone else

You can’t quote someone else in an article without their permission.You can only quote them if they have written it yourself, and you need to add a quote at the end.But if you use the word “quote” in your quote, it’s a little more complicated.The rules apply to all quotes, […]

How to quote the holy Bible with your Christmas quote wallpapers

Beautiful quotation wallpaper.It is a perfect way to use a quote, and can be used to create the perfect Christmas decoration.This quotation, by author David Katz, can be downloaded from the following link:!/pinterest/quotes/article/quote?src=pinterest&utm_source=pixabay&utm=search_term_s Google+ Pinterest Reddit Amazon Kindle