What is a ‘classic’ quotation?

A classic quotation is one that is often quoted or used in some way in a conversation.This article uses the term classic to describe what is commonly considered to be one of the most famous quotations in history.It is an expression that has become so well-known and well-used that it […]

Bartlett’s favorite quotes for you

Bartlett says he loves to quote people, especially when they are in the moment.“I love the moment, so if you have a quote, you know what to do with it,” Bartlett said.Bartlett says that’s a great place to start when trying to find quotes for a particular quote.To find the […]

When a mother and son meet

A woman and her son have just met in the United States.Both of them are well-known to be in the US.The mother asks the boy what he likes to do for fun and the son replies, ‘I like to cook’.The woman asks what he loves to do, and the boy […]