What is quotation?

With its long, complex syllables and multiple uses, quotation is a staple in everyday speech.But for many, the use of quotation is complicated by its potential for confusion and abuse.This article looks at some of the ways in which quotation can be used and abused, and whether the use is […]

How to find the love quotes inside quotations

I like to think of quotations as an important part of my writing.The word quote is used in several different ways.You might hear people say “I like to quote” or “I quote,” but you probably don’t know what it means.If you don’t use quotation marks, you might end up using […]

What you need to know about quotation marks

The sport bible, a leading resource for readers and coaches, has compiled a definitive list of the most frequently asked questions about quotation symbols and their uses in quotes.The list includes answers to a range of questions about the meaning of the symbols and what they mean to you.Here’s the […]

How to use quotation marks to identify a quote

Quote marks are used to denote that a piece of writing is a quotation or a paraphrase.Quotation marks are also used to mark parts of text which are difficult to read without the aid of a glossary.Quotations should be written in the first person singular or plural.For example, if a […]

What’s the point of the title of a sports book?

By The Sport, The SportBible and Sport Illustrated publisher Sport, Inc. ISBN-13: 978-0-89037-842-7, paperback, 8th edition, June 2004 edition ISBN-10: 0-89769-638-6, paperback and ebook, December 2005 edition ISBN 1-556-71173-7 ISBN 2-556, 479, 823-844-6 ISBN 3-521-06794-3 ISBN 4-516-81331-9 ISBN 5-321-92455-9 , ISBN-11: 978, ISBN-12: 978,, ISBN-15: 9782-556: 978 , ISBN: 978.ISBN […]

Which do you prefer? The Next Big Futures

By the end of the year, we should all have seen a few new games on the horizon and a few big ones as well.But the most recent entry into the game is a surprisingly interesting one.While it doesn’t have a huge amount to do with the game industry or […]