Why I’m not buying this $10.6 billion debt deal

Now Playing: Is Trump in a bind?Now Playing- Trump ‘s latest debt deal is a political liability for himNow Playing: Trump’s latest debt sale is a potential liability for his administrationNow Playing- The Senate has rejected a bill that would have repealed the Affordable Care ActNow Playing– The Senate approves […]

How to read and use quotes in online teaching

More than half of US public school students have learned the basics of quotation in online instruction, but they often struggle to use it properly, according to a new study.The study found that many students have difficulty using the word “quote” to indicate a statement in text and that some […]

The quote economy is thriving in Canada

It’s not unusual for the first words you see on a credit card or debit card to make you smile.But it’s even more unusual to see them appear in an ad, which has the potential to drive more sales than the cards themselves.That’s the story of the quote economy, which […]

Why Did Trump Make This Statement on Water?

When Trump made the statement that “our water is our national security” in a speech on the water on March 21, he had been talking about protecting the nation’s water supply from “potential terrorist attacks.”The president has repeatedly expressed his admiration for the United States’ water system, and he frequently […]

How to quote a lot?

More than 100 years ago, the British poet William Wordsworth wrote: “A quote is a very simple thing, and you have to have a very small space for it to be true.”He was, after all, writing in a poem.A lot of people have tried to replicate that, and they’ve succeeded […]