How to use the best quotation marks

When using the most popular quotation marks (as opposed to their more subtle counterparts), you can avoid confusion.Here’s how to use these versatile terms correctly.When you use a quotation mark to make an adverbial phrase, you must always be careful not to be making a claim, but instead to describe […]

How to Use an Indirect Quote in Your Head

When you use a quotation mark to write a phrase, you are saying something in your head that is not a direct quote.Indirect quotes are more likely to appear in the written word, while direct quotes are often found in the spoken word.Inductive quotation can be a tricky thing.You may […]

When to use quotation in a sentence

The quotes below should be used when quoting a word in a document, but they’re also good examples of when you should avoid quoting.They may not be the best examples, but for the most part they’ll get the job done.1.When to quote in a paragraph When you’re quoting something in […]

How to quote a Shakespeare quote in a joke

source IGN What Is A Shakespeare Quote?article The Oxford English Dictionary has a list of quotes in Shakespearean works.They’re a great way to learn and get started.But sometimes you might find yourself needing to quote someone else’s favorite quote.The Oxford Dictionary says it’s okay to quote anyone’s favorite Shakespeare quote […]

How to quote better in the Smart Quote format

Smart Quote is a format that helps you to quote more effectively when you’re writing a message.The format is similar to standard text formatting, but it can be customized with a lot of customizations, like italics and bolding.Here’s how to customize it to your liking.#1.Set up the Smart Quotation Format […]

Which country has the highest rate of obesity?

Australia has the most obese people, with more than one in four Australians classified as overweight or obese.The data shows the number of Australians overweight or fat has doubled in just two decades, with the rate rising to 7.5 per cent.The increase is a sharp rise from just 10 years […]