How to Get Away With Murder season 2 trailer is out!

We’ve got some new trailers for season 2 of the show, which will follow the return of the killer and the murder mystery, The Mindy Project.

Check out the new teaser below:The series has been renewed for a second season, with a sixth episode slated for later this year.

In addition to the new trailers, here are some of the things we learned from the show:We were all expecting more of the same in the season 2 premiere, but there are some great new twists, surprises and twists we could see coming up in season 2.

We also got to see a new character and new showrunner.

You’ll have to wait until next week to see the show return to TV, but we’re hoping for more twists and a bit more mystery to come next season.

We saw a lot of interesting moments this season, including an adorable montage of people doing things that we thought we knew they would.

We’ll see if the next season is as fun.