Here’s what we learned about a new TV series based on The Martian

The Martian is a fascinating, gripping, and mind-bending sci-fi series that’s set in the year 2117.

The Martian has already earned two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series and Outstanding Drama Series, and it’s already set to be renewed for two more seasons.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about a sequel.

The show has already been picked up for a second season by NBC, and the showrunner, Andy Weir, told EW that the new series could be set in a completely different universe entirely.

Weir told EW: I would love to do it in a different universe where everything happens in the same place and we all have a planet in which we live.

In the original show, we have an astronaut named Hermes, and he has been sent to Mars in the 1970s.

He has a ship and people, and that ship has been abandoned.

He’s just gone through a big transformation in the spaceship that he’s on, and so he’s just trying to figure out what’s going to happen on Mars, and how he’s going back to Earth.

But now, he’s traveling to another planet.

He gets a call from his old friend Owen (Ryan Gosling), who is a scientist who has found that there are some strange artifacts on Mars.

So he goes to the scientists and says, “I’ve been doing some experiments and they’re kind of weird.

I want to get them back.”

He takes one of the artifacts, and they return it to him.

He says, I’m going to get it back.

And he comes back to the ship.

He talks to the captain and says he wants to get rid of his ship.

So, he goes on a mission to Mars, to the other planet, and finally meets a couple of scientists who are trying to get the artifacts back.

The astronauts on the ship are trying, trying to go back to their own planet, but they don’t know how to.

But they do discover something that makes them realize that they’re actually on a spaceship.

And that spaceship has been missing.

They’ve been in hibernation for four years, and then they’re brought to life.

And they’re ready to go.

And so, we’ve got two versions of the story.

One version is the story of the astronauts on a ship, and Owen, the astronaut who was a bit of a weirdo, and Hermes, the ship’s captain, and all the scientists trying to return it.

And the other version is a much more complex story about the evolution of humanity, and its relationship to the aliens.

And this is the version that I think is going to be more interesting, and will be more complex, because we’re going to have to have this conversation with them and have to be on the other side of that planet.

Weir said that he wanted to explore the possibility of making a new show based on the original series, and one of those possibilities is a sequel, but it won’t be based on a different Martian.

Instead, Weir is thinking about making a story that takes place on Earth.

Weir was also asked if he could tell a story based on something that’s already been done.

Weir answered, no.

And I think that’s really exciting.

And it’s exciting because I think what we’ve done is that we’ve kind of made an epic space opera, which is what the original was.

So this is a big universe, and we’re just trying something different.

It’s a new way of storytelling, and I think it’s a very different kind of story.

And as a fan, I love that the show has been so successful and has been picked back up for two seasons, so I think you can’t help but love that.

So far, the Martian has gotten the biggest amount of nominations in the series category, which has led to speculation that it could be a potential series for NBC, since they own The Big Bang Theory.

If The Martian does get picked up, it could have a big impact on how much the show gets picked up.

Weir has also spoken about other sci-fiction series, which include a series based off of the hit movie Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens, and a series starring the star of Star Trek: Discovery.

But if you want to catch up on what we know so far about The Martian, be sure to read our comprehensive coverage of the show.

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