Quotation Examples

The American Conservatism magazine has a long and distinguished history of using quotation examples to illuminate the world around us.

Its collection of examples of quotations by authors ranging from Plato to Shakespeare have been used as inspiration for countless books and articles over the years.

Its most popular example of quotations, from the 19th-century American poet William Shakespeare, is a quotation from the 16th- and 17th-Century novelist and poet Thomas Hardy.

In fact, the most famous quotation of the essay collection, the one by American author Thomas Paine, is actually from Hardy’s 1831 poem “The Abolition of Man.”

Quotation examples from the collection are listed below.

The book begins with a list of all the quotations attributed to Shakespeare, which includes many from Shakespeare’s works that have never been published, and one from Paine’s 1829 poem “Liberty and Equality.”

The first example is a single word, “in,” attributed to Hardy.

The word is from a line in the “Book of Common Prayer” (1777): The Lord hath given us grace to read in a book what we read in prayer.

The quote is attributed to Paine and is cited in The American Heritage Dictionary of Quotations (1961), which states that the word is a “double-syllable double-letter word that has been introduced in this country by the American authorities as a symbol of freedom, liberty, and equality.”

The quote was published in 1845 in an English-language newspaper called the Evening News, and the New York Herald Tribune, which was published at the time, cited the phrase in an article on “The Rise and Progress of Christianity” and in the next day’s edition of the New-York Tribune.

“The quote was a direct quotation from Hardy, but it was not an isolated one,” said Richard A. Hays, the editor of the American Conservancy’s collection of quotations.

The phrase is also attributed to George Bernard Shaw, who had an influence on the modernist French writer Charles-Auguste Renoir.

“It is a clear quotation from Shakespeare, but there is a sense in which it might be attributed to Renoir,” Hays said.

“There is a similarity to a number of quotations in Paine that have been attributed to him.

There are some very interesting connections in the quote.

I think it is very likely that Shakespeare used it in a poetic sense.”

The quotation has been used in literature for a number years.

In 1976, the author of the poem “Hamlet,” William Shakespeare’s grandson and a poet himself, wrote a book entitled The Complete Shakespeare.

In 1982, the American Conservative published an article in the magazine with an example of Shakespeare’s quotation in its introduction.

A year later, in 1986, a book was published by the University of Chicago Press, entitled The American Classic of Poetry.

In 1987, the British poet Richard Wagner published a poem that incorporated the quote, and in 1990, a novel by John Green titled A Girl in a Tree was published.

“When I read the quote in its original form, it was as if I were reading Shakespeare’s own poem, which is probably what Shakespeare meant,” said Hays.

“If you look at the original version, there are no references to Shakespeare’s poetry, but the word ‘in’ in the poem is from Shakespeare.

I found that odd.”

Quotable phrases from the American Heritage dictionary Quotation Examples 1.

He said he wanted to see my children.


My children are going to the movies tonight.


We will go on to the beach tomorrow.


She is beautiful.


I am going to get a glass of wine tonight.


I have some children who need to get their own lessons.


You will be so happy I told you.


My house is full of things to see.


The sun is rising.


I’m very tired.


My wife and I have been married for about seven years.


My daughter is very kind to me. 13.

She’s beautiful.


He called me, saying he wanted a drink.


He wanted a glass, and I was ready.


He is very handsome.


I was told he would be a great father to his children.


My son and daughter are very happy to have you.


I’ll be right back, darling.


I love my house, darling, very much.

Quotables Quotate examples: 1.

It was a beautiful morning.

2; It was the best of mornings.

3; It’s a beautiful day.

4; I’m just going to go for a walk.

5; I love it. 6; It is a beautiful afternoon.

7; It feels wonderful.

8; It looks like heaven.

9; I’ll have a glass.

10; I am very tired, darling (quoting Hardy).

11; I wish I could