Obama, Biden, Clinton all set for ‘bold’ presidential debate in Denver

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will debate in a televised debate for the third time in a week on Tuesday night.

Obama will address the nation from the White House, while Biden will take questions from the audience from the Rose Garden.

Both candidates will also participate in a live town hall moderated by CBS anchor John Dickerson.

Both presidents are expected to take questions for the entire evening, with each candidate appearing to take a turn for the dramatic.

In recent days, Obama has taken the opportunity to take shots at the Republican presidential field and to discuss the issues of the day.

On Tuesday, he called out Donald Trump for his criticism of Obama’s birth certificate, a day after he called Trump’s comments “offensive” during a rally.

Biden, meanwhile, is expected to deliver a stump speech during the debate, where he will focus on economic issues and his opposition to a plan to tax imports and force companies to pay higher wages.