How to turn your Twitter account into an Instagram account

By Chris Wanjek, Recode staff writerThe last few years have been a tumultuous time for the social media landscape.

In 2017, Twitter and Instagram both went public, with the former going public in May 2018 and the latter in March 2019.

The companies went on to face some significant regulatory challenges over the years, including the introduction of the new “content blocking” rules.

While the social networks are now in the process of rolling out new features that make it easier for people to create accounts, the changes in the way they do business means that many people still have no idea how to use them.

As Recode previously reported, one in five Americans doesn’t even know that Instagram and Twitter have their own account creation tools.

“When it comes to sharing, we want to give you control over who gets access to your information and how it’s used,” Twitter said in a statement in February.

“We want to help you find the information you want, when you want it and who has access to it.”

So, if you’re a startup looking to get into the space, here are a few things you should know before signing up for an Instagram or Twitter account.1.

Instagram and Instagram will share your photos, your content and even your location, according to Instagram’s privacy policy.2.

Instagram can share your location information for up to five years, but that data can’t be used for any purpose other than to provide you with a better experience on the service.3.

Instagram will not use your location to sell ads, or share your contact information, but will be able to send you targeted ads if you opt in to it.4.

Instagram won’t be able at the moment to access your location without a user name and password, and Instagram has no way to block you from sharing the location.5.

If you want to set up a new Instagram or Instagram Plus account, you’ll need to create a username and password for each account, and it will take you some time to figure out which of the two accounts you want.6.

Instagram doesn’t yet have an email address for sign-ups.

It will do so in the near future, and if you want an email, you can sign up for it at the official Instagram page.7.

Instagram allows you to set a password for your account, but it won’t let you set one for the account itself.8.

Instagram requires you to be a registered Instagram user to create and update your profile.9.

Instagram isn’t working on a new mobile app for iOS, and will likely stop updating its app on that platform in 2018.10.

Instagram is not available in all countries.

For example, it doesn’t work in the United States, Brazil, Russia, Spain and Argentina.