Ezekiel Elliott, Browns’ rookie quarterback, has the highest passing efficiency rating in NFL history

Ezekiel Elliott has the best passing efficiency rate in NFL franchise history, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

That number is actually a little bit better than the league average of 83.8, but Elliott’s touchdown rate is still the highest in NFL playoff history.

The Eagles rookie has surpassed the NFL record for touchdowns in a single playoff game twice, and has been the league’s top passer for most of the season.

It is the most touchdown passes by a rookie quarterback in NFL postseason history, and only one quarterback has had more touchdowns than Elliott.

He is one of just six quarterbacks to throw more touchdown passes in the playoffs.

The Cowboys’ passing attack has been one of the league best through the first two games of the playoffs, but has been hampered by the lack of a deep passing attack that can carry them.

The Cowboys have only two players who have thrown for at least 10 touchdowns through three games: Dez Bryant and Jason Witten.

That duo is tied for the most in the NFL.

Bryant has the most touchdowns of any player in the league, but he has only 10 catches for 97 yards.

The only other player with double-digit catches is Jason Witty, who had 20 catches for 228 yards and a touchdown in the last two games.

Elliott’s two touchdowns against the Rams were both on throws that ended up in the end zone.

The rest of his touchdowns have come on plays that have resulted in an incomplete pass.

The Rams are one of two teams in the top six in points per game, but the Cowboys have had a great season.

They are the only team in the AFC West to average fewer than 31 points per contest.

Elliott has been especially effective in those situations, as the Cowboys are averaging 32.3 points per win.

Elliott is the only quarterback in the entire NFL to record multiple touchdowns in consecutive weeks, as he has four in the past five weeks.

The Packers are one win away from being the first team to win back-to-back NFC North titles since the 2012 Packers.

Green Bay is 3-1 in those matchups.

The Seahawks and Giants are in a tight battle for the NFC West title, and both have an uphill battle to win the division in the coming weeks.

They have played well against the Bears and Redskins, and are playing better than expected in Seattle.

But it is not just their wins that are the issue.

The Giants have the second-most yards per play in the NFC and have been a top-five scoring defense through three weeks.

The Seahawks have been one win off the pace for the playoffs for the second straight year, and have only one player who has more yards than them in the postseason.

The Redskins’ defense has played very well all year, but this is a team that is still very much rebuilding after last season’s disastrous season.

Their offensive line has been a major reason why they are one loss away from missing the playoffs altogether.

The Redskins have allowed fewer than 30 points in three straight games, and they have played the most complete team in football this year.

The Chiefs are the best team in a division that has a number of top-10 teams.

The Chiefs have scored touchdowns in five straight games.

Their only other wins this season came in the first game of the conference championship game and the last time they played the Vikings.

The Rams are playing their worst defense of the year.

Kansas City is averaging just 20 points per victory.

The Panthers are averaging 20 points a game.

Carolina is tied with the Saints for the lowest scoring average in the division, and it is just one victory away from matching the worst mark in the history of the division.

The Raiders have been the best defense in the conference, and their defense is playing the best of any team in this division.

They allow the fewest points per drive and have allowed just six touchdowns on the season, the most ever allowed in a game by the Raiders.

They also have the most yards per drive.

Oakland is allowing just 12 points per touchdown pass, the fewst in the game.

The Raiders are allowing the fewth fewest yards per pass allowed by any team.

They haven’t allowed more than 18 points in a playoff game in eight of their past 10.

The Jaguars are allowing a league-low 10 points per scoring attempt, the lowest in the field.

The Bills are allowing just 10 points a touchdown pass and allowing a team-low 13 points per pass attempt.

The Panthers are one game away from going undefeated in their final two regular season games.

They will face off against the Saints in Week 6 and the Packers in Week 9.

The Saints and Packers will meet in the wild card round.