When to quote quotation marks

When to use quotation marks: When quoting from a news article.

When quoting directly from a website, in a blog post, or in a book.

How to quote quotations: First, quote the headline and then use the following three paragraphs: “The New York Times …”; “The Washington Post …”; and “The Wall Street Journal …”

(without quotations).

If you want to be more specific, quote “the New York City Police Department …” and “the Washington Post … ” without quotation marks.

How many quotes to include: Use one quote per paragraph.

Don’t use two quotes for headlines and one quote for paragraphs.

Use the headline without quotes, and use the paragraph without quotations.

When using quotes, be sure to include any additional information you want in the paragraph.

If you need more space, you can use ellipses and/or commas.

If your quote includes a sentence, use the first word in the sentence.

How often to quote a quote: When the headline is quoted directly from the website or a news report, use only the first few words.

The first few lines of the headline should not be quoted.

When the title of a news story is quoted from a newspaper article, use all of the first four or five words.

When a news release is quoted in a newsletter, use a paragraph that is a single word or no more than one sentence long.

How long to quote headlines: Use quotation marks to separate a quote from the text.

Use quotation mark spacing when you need to quote longer words or paragraphs.

Do not use quotation mark placement at the end of a sentence.

Do NOT use quotation marking in parentheses or in other unusual places.

Do use quotation-mark placement at any point of a paragraph where you need quotation marks in the rest of the paragraph: at the start of the section, the end, or the beginning of the chapter.

Do quote a single quotation mark in a heading: Do not include quotation marks before the first quotation mark or at the beginning or end of the heading.

If a quote is quoted as part of a larger news article, you may use quotation and space between paragraphs and in other places.

The following are some examples of common examples of quotes in headlines and paragraphs: The New York Post, “The Daily Show,” “The Post,” “Washington Post,” New York, “ABC News” (“ABC News”).

“Financial Times,””Financial Times” (“Financial Times”). “

The Economist,” “New York Times,” “Reuters,” “Los Angeles Times,” and CNN (“CNN”).

“Financial Times,””Financial Times” (“Financial Times”).

“Fox News,” “Fox,” “CNN,” “Bloomberg,” “Business Insider,” and NBC (“NBC”).

“CBS News,” and PBS (“PBS”).

“Associated Press,” “Associated with ESPN,” and ABC (“ABC”).

“New Yorker,” “GQ,” “CBS,” “CNBC,” and Fox News (“Fox News”).

The New Yorker,””The Atlantic” (“Atlantic”), and “Bloomberg” (“Bloomberg”). “

TIME,” and Slate (“Slate”).

“The New Yorker,””The Atlantic” (“Atlantic”), and “Bloomberg” (“Bloomberg”).

“Time,” “Time Magazine” (“Time Magazine”), and the New York Daily News (“NYDN”).

“Times of India,” “Times,” “Indian Express,” “Express,” “India Times,” “‘Indian Express,'” and the Financial Times (“Financial News”).”CNN,” and CBS (“CBS”).

“Washington Post, ‘Washington Post,’ ‘Washington Daily,’ ‘Daily Mail,’ ‘The Guardian,’ ‘New York Post,’ ” and the Washington Times (“The Times”).”CNBC, “CNN” (“CNN”), and CBS (CBS News) (“CBS News”).

How to cite an article: First write the article in the first person, using the first letter of the article title.

For example, if you are quoting from the New Yorker, write “New Yorkers: New York Mayor, New York Police Department, Mayor Cuomo.”

If the article is a news item, use “The Morning Report.”

If you are not quoting from an article, write the headline in the same style as the headline.

If the title is in quotes, you should use quotation brackets or comma.

For more information, see how to cite.

When to cite excerpts from a publication: When you are citing an article from a daily, weekly, or biweekly newspaper, the headline of the piece should include the following information: The date the article was published.

The title of the paper.

A description of the material in the article.

The author’s name and contact information.

Where the material appears in the paper and where it can be found online.

For details about when you can cite a news piece, see How to cite a piece.

When you cite a newspaper or magazine, make sure you use a heading that lists all the content and not just the headline or the title. Do avoid