How to use the “long quotation format”

The football coach at Northwestern University says he has found a way to make it easier for his players to quote a long quotation of a poem by famous poet Walt Whitman. 

“I had a guy that was a freshman and he was writing poetry and he asked me, ‘Can you quote the poem in the same way?'”

Northwestern football coach Todd Black told the Chicago Tribune.

“I was like, ‘What the hell are you talking about?’

I think he’s a great student and I really enjoyed that.” “

That was an interesting question because he was not using the long quotation in his poetry, but I just asked him if I could quote the long poem in his poem.

I think he’s a great student and I really enjoyed that.” 

The Northwestern student-athlete has made it easy for his teammates to quote Whitman’s poem in a variety of ways. 

The poem was published in 1959 and is one of the first poems to be written for the English language.

It is a poem in three parts that was written by Whitman to describe the experience of growing up in a family where the mother and father were married.

The poem has been interpreted by poets, scholars, and historians as a reflection on the nature of human beings. 

Whitman’s poem was inspired by his childhood experience growing up poor in a rural family. 

When Whitman was young, his mother was separated from her husband and the family was split up.

The family lived in a one-room cabin in the woods where it was difficult to find food. 

His mother died when he was six years old and his father had to leave the family to work on his farm. 

In his poem, the young Whitman describes the life he grew up in. 

He describes how his father, a skilled farmer, was a hard worker, a man of God who was devoted to his family and a man with a great sense of honor and integrity. 

According to Whitman, Whitman grew up with a sense of pride and honor. 

“[His father] was a good man,” Whitman wrote. 

[He was] a good farmer, an honest man, a great gentleman, a gentle and soft-spoken man who loved to share with the children the things he had been taught by his parents. 

‘If you want to know the true character of your parents, don’t talk to them.’ 

Whitmon’s mother’s marriage to Whitman was rocky. 

During his youth, Whitman was often bullied by other students at the high school. 

On the night of the poem’s publication, Whitman wrote a letter to his father apologizing for his actions. 

However, Whitman did not write the poem himself.

Instead, he wrote the poem to his mother. 

Shortly after Whitman’s mother died, Whitman’s father was arrested for embezzlement and later sentenced to death. 

After his mother died he spent years as a paroled prisoner in New York City. 

Walt Whitman died on May 22, 1965, at the age of 89.