How to deal with your debt crisis

When it comes to dealing with a financial crisis, you don’t want to be a one-hit wonder.

The same goes for debt management.

Here’s how to get the most out of your debt.


Keep track of your expenses What’s the first thing you need to know?

The first thing to do is to keep track of what you’re spending.

If you’re having a hard time budgeting or are worried about how much money you can put away, it’s time to talk to a debt counsellor.

They can offer you advice on how to make sure you can make payments without making mistakes.


Review your spending habits and see if they’re working for you A good way to see how your spending is doing is to look at your budget.

For example, how much is it costing you to pay for your phone, gym membership, car insurance, gym clothes, travel and groceries?

Are you keeping track of where your money is going?

A good debt counselling service will give you more detailed information on your spending, such as how much you are spending on health care, child care, mortgage payments, and more.

A good credit counsellors can help you make better decisions and help you find ways to cut back on debt.


Make sure you have a plan for your debts A good plan can keep your debts under control and make you more likely to pay your bills.

For instance, you can create a budget for the next year and stick to it.

Or, you could take steps to cut out unnecessary spending and focus on making money to pay off your debt later.


Identify your debts If you’ve had any debt problems recently, you may be struggling to find out what’s keeping you from paying your bills or whether you need help.

You can ask your debt counSE a few questions about your debt situation.

For some debts, the first step is to get a debt manager to explain how to resolve them.

If your debt manager isn’t available, call the credit counSE and ask for a free, in-person assessment.

If they don’t have an appointment, you might have to meet with your credit counseS before you can speak with a debt counselor.


Understand what you can do about it Debt counselling can help your debts to get better and you can learn how to reduce your debts without putting yourself in danger.

It’s also a good way for you to understand how your debt can impact your credit score, which can make it harder for you or your family to obtain a mortgage.


Ask for help if you can’t pay your debts Now is a good time to ask for help from your debt counselling team if you’re struggling with paying your debts.

Debt counselling is a free service and most debt counS are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 7 days a month, 365 days a year.


Get your financial adviser to help You might be struggling with your debts, but you can ask for advice on your debt management and other debt related issues.

A financial adviser will help you set up an automatic monthly payment plan to help you manage your debt and help with debt management in general.

A personal finance counSE may be available to discuss your debt with you.

Ask your financial counSE to help with any other debt management issues you have.


Find other ways to manage your debts You might have a few debts that you can pay off on your own or by selling your house or buying a property.

If that’s not an option, you’ll want to work with a private debt counSA who can help with other financial matters.

A private debt counselling counSE is a qualified counSE who can deal with debt in a non-judgmental way, and can provide advice on debt collection and debt counselling, such the debt relief option.

If all else fails, a debt relief counSE can help pay off any debts you may have.


Talk to your family or friends about your finances If you have debt problems and you’re worried about other family members or friends, you should talk to them first to see if there are other ways of managing your debt so that you don, too.

The next step is for you and your family members to discuss how to manage debts.

Find out more about how to handle debt.


Use debt counSI to make decisions on your debts When you’re dealing with your financial problems, there’s a lot of information out there that you want to know, so you can get more information about what’s going on.

However, you need a debt management counSE.

The best debt counselling services are free and are based in Australia.

They have the knowledge, expertise and experience to help in dealing with debt and debt management problems.

Find a debt counselling service in your area