When to quote quotation marks

When to use quotation marks: When quoting from a news article.When quoting directly from a website, in a blog post, or in a book.How to quote quotations: First, quote the headline and then use the following three paragraphs: “The New York Times …”; “The Washington Post …”; and “The Wall […]

How to use the best quotation marks

When using the most popular quotation marks (as opposed to their more subtle counterparts), you can avoid confusion.Here’s how to use these versatile terms correctly.When you use a quotation mark to make an adverbial phrase, you must always be careful not to be making a claim, but instead to describe […]

Bartlett’s favorite quotes for you

Bartlett says he loves to quote people, especially when they are in the moment.“I love the moment, so if you have a quote, you know what to do with it,” Bartlett said.Bartlett says that’s a great place to start when trying to find quotes for a particular quote.To find the […]

How to Use an Indirect Quote in Your Head

When you use a quotation mark to write a phrase, you are saying something in your head that is not a direct quote.Indirect quotes are more likely to appear in the written word, while direct quotes are often found in the spoken word.Inductive quotation can be a tricky thing.You may […]

How to deal with your debt crisis

When it comes to dealing with a financial crisis, you don’t want to be a one-hit wonder.The same goes for debt management.Here’s how to get the most out of your debt.1.Keep track of your expenses What’s the first thing you need to know?The first thing to do is to keep […]

A guide to Irish-style querns

QUERNS article Dublin has more quern than any other city in Ireland, but the city is famous for its traditional quern houses.QUERN HALL Quern houses are traditional Irish quern buildings, built in the 18th and 19th centuries.The building was first built in Co. Galway, in the County Limerick, by an […]