Which words to remember when describing your favourite drink?

We all love a good bar fight.

The word “bar” in itself is a little annoying, so we’re not surprised that it’s one of our favourite words.

But the word “fight” might not be so much.

It could be one of those words that has a history.

That’s because the word can mean a lot of things, depending on the context.

So what words should we remember when discussing our favourite drinks?


It’s a good drink, isn’t it?

We all know it’s a bit of a mouthful to say, “I love my martini, I like my mocha, I love my Bloody Mary”.

But you know what?

If you ask a bartender you could probably get away with saying, “It’s a very good drink.”

The fact that they’ve been asked doesn’t mean it’s an absolute, but they might have a very special idea of what they’re talking about.

And it doesn’t have to be anything bad.

The truth is, we like drinks that are really good.

It can be a bit like the fact that we’re all in love with a particular wine.

But it’s always better to get the best.


It tastes good, isn’s it?

If a drink tastes really good, you can almost hear the bartender saying, that’s good.

But if it doesn´t, you’d be forgiven for thinking, “Oh, it doesnít taste good”.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the drink is bad, just that the bartender has a different idea of the drink than you.

And that’s ok. 3.

It doesn’t taste like a martini to us, is it?

The idea of saying, it tastes like a cocktail is a bit clichéd.

We think of a cocktail as being “juicey”, and that’s not necessarily the case.

But, if you try one yourself and it tastes really great, then you’re probably not a cocktail drinker.


It looks good, doesn’t it, doesn´T it?

It could also be said that we all love an interesting look.

There’s something about a well-made martini that really grabs your eye, even if it’s not quite a cocktail.

And the fact is, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The fact is that a good martini should look good.


It sounds good, wasn’t it once, isn´t it now, doesníT it sound like a mixtape?

Some people are fans of the sound of a mixtapes, and others may not.

The idea is that they create an experience where you listen to all of the songs on a playlist, and then you just hear the music you want to hear.

This sounds like a bit rubbish, but it’s very easy to be wrong.

You don’t have any preconceptions about what makes a good sound, and that could be a good thing.


It feels good, is that what it’s all about?

People say they like a drink that feels good.

That can be the case if you have a cocktail that’s made from good ingredients.

And then you have the fact there is a lot to it.

If you’ve got a really good gin, you’ll be able to enjoy a great drink.

If it’s made of good whiskey, you may find it to be a great tasting drink.

And if it has a lot going for it, it will probably taste good.