Which is best? – What’s the difference between simple quotation and block quotation?

A quote from the Sydney Morning Herald article Simple quotation, which is often used to summarise a topic, is not usually printed on the cover of the paper.

The Herald uses simple quotation to illustrate a story.

This example shows that the newspaper’s headline is simple and that the quotation marks are not used.

The quote is in fact from the Morning Herald: ‘A man’s voice was heard screaming out in the streets of New South Wales yesterday afternoon.’

The Herald quoted the man, who was interviewed by police, saying: ‘I just got out of the car and it just hit me, and I just fell on the ground.’

A block quotation is a slightly different type of quote.

It is printed at the end of a paragraph.

The block quotation format is also used to illustrate stories that relate to a particular topic.

A block quote is often printed in a headline and usually in a block.

The headline of a block quote generally says: ‘This is a blockquote.

Please read the whole article.’

A simple quotation example of a story that relates to a specific topic would be: ‘Mr Hogg was found dead at his home in New South Walsall.’

A complex quote example of the same story would be ‘A woman in her late 70s was arrested on suspicion of murder.

She is due to appear in court today.’

A full block quotation example would be, ‘The Sydney Morning News will have a story today about a man’s death and how it happened.

Please click here to read the full article.’

The ABC has a good article on the topic here.

The difference between a simple quotation, a block quotation and a complex quote is that the complex quotation example is printed as a separate article on a page of the newspaper.

This allows readers to view the whole story in one place.

A complex quotation story can often be read in multiple formats.

The ABC is one example of ABC news media where complex quotes are not printed.

In the past, the ABC printed the full block quote of a complex story on a single page of its News, Weather and Sport website.

But ABC News Media is now publishing complex quotes in more than one format.

ABC News understands that some complex quotes have been printed in two different formats: one that has a block headline, one that does not.

ABC has issued a response to this question.

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