How a Florida teacher was forced to teach gay students about being gay in front of classmates

A Florida teacher is facing an investigation by the state after a report alleged that she taught students about homosexuality in front, then apologized for it in a classroom.

The teacher was fired, and the school district is now investigating the incident.

The school district said on Wednesday that it has found no evidence of misconduct.

The superintendent told NBC News that she was fired for what the district called “miscommunication and poor leadership.”

She was the first school board member to speak publicly about the incident in which she was accused of having a sexual relationship with a student, according to the Palm Beach Post.

The report said that the teacher, who was hired in January, was in her final year at the Broward County School District in West Palm Beach when the incident occurred in December of last year.

The report also alleged that the student told her that she had sex with the teacher.

The investigation also included a letter written by the student, who told the school board that the relationship was consensual and that she didn’t report the relationship to anyone.

The investigation was opened after the teacher was caught on camera telling students that she is gay.

The school board fired her after the investigation.