How to write a quote vector

This article was first published in 2009.

The Lad was a collection of quotes from the bible, originally written by Rabbi Eliezer Ben-Gurion, and attributed to his father, Rabbi Levi Ben-Jacob, a noted author of the Talmud.

It was originally published in the Lad Bible, a collection edited by Rabbi Menachem Begin and published in Hebrew in Hebrew and English.

Today, it is used by many Jewish organizations.

Here are some tips for how to write an awesome quote vector.

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Choose a phrase that’s both interesting and meaningful2.

Use a word you’re familiar with3.

Be sure to include a capital letter that’s not the letter you’re using to indicate a period, capital letter, or capital letter sound4.

Add a comma before each sentence to indicate repetition5.

For the most part, you don’t have to do anything more than make a few small adjustments to make the quote vector stand out.

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Here are some ways to use quotes in a quote vignette.1.

“I have no children, but I have grandchildren.”

— Rabbi Levi ben-Jacob.2.

“The only reason I’m alive is that I’m the one who taught all of you to say it in Hebrew.”

— Abraham Lincoln3.

“All of us are part of the same family.

All of us must work together.”

— Pope John Paul II (or John Paul)4.

“Forgive my children, for they will see that I have a heart of gold.”

— King Benjamin5.

“It is not a matter of the will, but of the heart.”

— Jesus Christ6.

“You cannot get to heaven by going through the motions of the world.”

— Winston Churchill7.

“Every man has the right to do as he wishes.

All are equal before God.”

— John Paul Jones8.

“A dog in the fight is worth more than a dog in a cage.”

— Oscar Wilde9.

“If you want to live to be 100, then go to the funeral.”

— Mahatma Gandhi10.

“There is no shame in doing good.”

— Paul McCartney11.

“In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

— Gloria Gaynor12.

“Do not forget that God created all things in His image, and in the image of God all things must be.”

— Thomas Paine13.

“We have all the powers of God in us.”

— Albert Einstein14.

“God has made every person worthy of a life.”

— Martin Luther King Jr.15.

“Be proud of what you have, not what you do not have.”

— Rumi16.

“When you have the power to do something, do it.

When you have power to forgive, do not be ashamed of the things you do.”

— Malcolm X17.

“Love your enemies, love your enemies well, and pray for those who persecute you.”

— Gandhi18.

“Life is a series of choices.

You can choose one of them, or you can be free to choose another.

You will make the choice that you prefer, and you will be free.”

— Ernest Hemingway19.

“Sometimes it is better to go against the tide than to remain on shore.”

— Benjamin Franklin20.

“He who is generous will be generous in return.”

— Voltaire21.

“To be a good person means to love others without being self-righteous.”

— Nelson Mandela22.

“This is the day that God made us.”

— Jesus Christ23.

“Always be willing to take responsibility for your own mistakes, for you can do nothing right.”

— Mark Twain24.

“Today is the anniversary of the first Jewish prayer.”

— Samuel Adams25.

“Never, ever take a day off work.

You’ll make yourself sick.”

— Isaac Asimov26.

“Good men love to see a good day, and the less the better.

They love to be reminded of their own good deeds, and they love to take joy in remembering their good deeds.”

— Toni Morrison27.

“What’s important in life is that you never give up.”

— Ronald Reagan28.

“My son is a brilliant man.

I wish him the best.

But the day is here when he must make his own choices.

And he will have to choose between his career and his faith.”

— Franklin D. Roosevelt29.

“Don’t worry, you’re not alone.”

— Marilyn Monroe30.

“Your family is important to you.

And your friends are.

It’s important that you love them and treat them with kindness.

And you’ll have to work hard to earn their respect.”

— George Bernard Shaw31.

“Everyone who is interested in something has to be ready to work and to learn.”

— Barack Obama32.

“Everything that’s good, good is that which is good. Nothing