How to Quote a Single Quote on Instagram

I love the idea of using an Instagram quote, but when I have to make one myself I often just do it by myself.

I do this because I am lazy, and I’m lazy, lazy lazy.

But it’s not just because I don’t like doing it myself.

I am also lazy.

So why not make a little tutorial for myself to help me write a quote for you?

I have already created a tutorial on how to write a short quote, and then I made one for myself on my personal Instagram account.

To be fair, this is my own little guide.

But, I do have some tips that I think are useful.

Here are the tips I would like to share.1.

Use the same quote you use in your daily routine.

It will help you write your own little tutorial.

If you are making a quote on Instagram, make sure you write it in your regular writing style.

You don’t want to say “I woke up in the morning and decided to do my morning routine” or “I went to the gym today and I started doing my morning routines.”

You want to write “I ate a breakfast of pancakes and scrambled eggs” or whatever. 

You want a different quote.

You want to be unique.2.

It will be easier for you to follow your daily routines if you have a picture of you doing it.

Make sure your picture is a selfie.

Because when you do a picture, you can’t see your face.

And if you don’t, you will think you are the same person who you are not.3.

If you do your Instagram post in a way that is not consistent, it will be harder to follow the same routine.4.

Make sure you keep your daily schedule.

When you go to work or school, you do something different each day.

If your daily cycle is a week long, you probably need to schedule something different for your daily activities.

And if you’re busy with work, you need to plan something different than you do each day for your everyday activities.5.

Keep the Instagram hashtag handy.

As soon as you add a hashtag, make it a point to add a caption to the picture with it.

The hashtag makes it easy for your followers to follow you.

Your Instagram hashtag is your way of saying: “Follow me.”


If there is a quote that you can use, do it. 

But, if you are like me and you don