How to pronounce marriage quotations

The quote marks are there to indicate where the quotation is said to be taken from, and to help you pronounce the name.

Here are some more things to know about marriage quotations.

What are marriage quotes?

A marriage quotation is a name used to refer to someone who is married to someone else.

A wedding quote is a word used to describe someone who has been married to another person.

A birth quote is the name of a child born to someone in a relationship, or the name given to a person who is a member of a marriage in a legal context.

A death quote is used when the person dies.

What is a marriage quote?

A married person and her/his partner or partner’s partner are both married.

The person and partner have been married for a long time.

The relationship is ongoing, meaning they may have had other relationships before the marriage.

A person is not considered a married person unless they have had at least one other relationship that involved marriage.

What does a marriage quotation mean?

A wedding quotation is one that is used to indicate that the person is in a certain relationship with someone else, usually someone of the same gender as the person, and that the relationship is continuing.

In a marriage, the relationship can include casual sex.

For example, someone who marries someone of another gender may have sex with a person of the opposite gender in their marriage.

If the couple has children together, the couple may have been in a stable relationship for some time.

A marriage is considered a legal marriage if both people are legally married.

What do marriage quotes mean for people who don’t know the person or situation?

A person who has a romantic relationship with another person is a married relationship.

A relationship can also be a casual relationship, but the person does not have to be married to the other person.

In this case, the person could be dating someone who isn’t their partner, and have had a relationship before the relationship started.

Some people don’t want to think about the possibility of having a romantic or casual relationship with a non-partner, or have an ambiguous relationship.

However, in some situations, it is still acceptable to marry someone of a different gender.