How To Learn To Quote: Grammer Quote Marks

“What do I do with the quotation marks?” is a question I’m sure you’ve heard.When you’re in the process of getting a job, or you’re starting a new job, what do you do with those quotation marks?Here are some suggestions to help you figure out what you can use.1.Use a […]

Which is better? The truth or the fiction?

Quotes Direct quotation definition.Quotes are used to make statements without quotation marks, or with no quotation marks at all.Quoting is a fundamental element in many written communication.The first printed quotation was written by an American printer, John Quincy Adams.The earliest published works of fiction, poetry and journalism use quotation marks.Quotations […]

When does a team win its first playoff game?

When does the first playoff-game tiebreaker occur?Answer: The second game of the round of 16.If the first game of a round-robin series does not result in a playoff round-fixture victory for either team, the game is considered a tiebreaker.This rule is applied to both conference semifinals and conference semis.If a […]

When a mother and son meet

A woman and her son have just met in the United States.Both of them are well-known to be in the US.The mother asks the boy what he likes to do for fun and the son replies, ‘I like to cook’.The woman asks what he loves to do, and the boy […]

Which Quote Will You Use To Describe Humanity?

In this week’s Fortune Magazine, we explore what quotes will inspire people to do what they do.Quotes are often quoted as though they are real statements, but they are not.For example, if someone is standing on a hill, it is often said that they are standing on the top of […]