What’s the best Christmas quotation ever?

The first ever Christmas quotation was from the late author Thomas Mann, who penned the poem “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” in the 1930s.The poem is considered to be the first popular Christmas song in history, and has been performed for centuries on Christmas Eve […]

How to read quotes

Quotes are one of the easiest way to tell if someone is sincere, but a new study has revealed a few more hidden meanings.Quotes, the study found, can be used to tell the whole story, not just what the speaker is saying.It found that in everyday language, we tend to […]

How a quote can ruin your night

In the middle of an epic night of lovemaking, you might wonder how the hell you ended up in bed with someone who looks just like you.That’s when the quote you heard could be putting you in the wrong mood.When a date is all about romance and attraction, it’s natural […]